The Grasses Roots

If you are looking for the Grasses Roots meditations, they are still available on my dear friend Hans Brockhuis' site, They were created between 1996-2000 during a time of great healing, when my husband, mother, and father passed away.  I pray you find great love and light and a pathway towards Christ from them.  

Through the Grasses Roots meditations I shared how to connect to the higher self.  Your spirit.  This is still your great Inner Knower, connected to God, and it is my Inner Knower that has convicted me to remove these meditations from my website.  

The thing about the New Age movement,  is there is a great and quiet agreement not to mention the name of Jesus Christ.  And I followed along with that. I followed an "inner nudge" not to mention Jesus or Christ, though He was in my mind and heart.  The New Age movement also "assumes" people would apply Him to whatever truth they were using.  Its the memory of that "inner nudge" that has me feeling very alarmed.

In 2015 I recommitted myself to the Lord, and was filled with His great love.  And truth.  And in the light of that truth, I was healed quite literally of a darkness that was within me.  I'm not going to go into detail here at this time about that, but it was enough of a factor that it cast doubt in me to the authenticity of the meditations I wrote.  I am not about to mislead anyone to think that the great light that is within you is not of God. But if you don't say and declare that the light is of God, and you think its just of you, well you are deceived.  There is a fallen angel who was also of the light, and he is a master manipulator into deceiving many New Age followers who "won't talk about Jesus, because the power is in and from me alone."  He is a liar and a thief, and I won't be yoked with anything that may have steered another away from God.  I walk with Jesus, and HIS power is in me.   

So in light of this, I have chosen not to post previous meditations.  It was never my intent to misdirect or mislead anyone, but knowing now that at that time I was being mislead myself, I seek to be cautious and not further post those writings.  I pray only good came from them.   Bless you on your journey.  You will find current offerings from me at  Where you will be sure, that I will be writing of Jesus, and God, and the Holy Spirit, and all that is true power in the love and light of God.  God bless you.  

​Psalm 51:6  Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden part You will make me to know wisdom.





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