Talks with Animals and Nature

Bridging the communication gap with all life 

As a young girl Myriah flitted about talking to the grass and trees and animals,  both real and imaginary, for there was no difference for her.  As she grew older, she realized not everyone heard the voices of the rivers, rocks, and ravens.  Her ability never stopped.  From ants who are praying for global love, to the kindness of vultures, and the whisperings of ancient trees, this book will inspire you to see the world in a different way.  

Grandma River Press    


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In gesprek met de vier seizoenen

Dutch edition of Myriah's meditations. Currently out of print.  

Published 2001 Akasha Publishing.

My buddy Hans Brockhuis facilitated many of these translations.  Please enjoy his website at

The Grasses Roots