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Hans Brockhuis/Running Fox

When I met Myriah Walker for the first time on the internet, just about 14 years ago, little did I know that part of her work, especially her meditations, still form part of the world of Running fox.  In those times I was happy to be of help with translating and publishing her first book (in Dutch):  Talks with four seasons, containing 52 meditations, one for each week of the year.

Since then, much water has flowed through the Colorado River, a watercourse that is prominently present in her new book in which almost all communications with many species of animals - on earth, in the water or on air - are in one way or another in the vicinity of this beautiful river, which downstream forms part of the world famous Grand Canyon.

During all those years she lived alongside this might river, at first in a cabin on the slopes of a small canyon near the Flattop wilderness, later in a place that cannot be mentioned because it has no name.  It is not for nothing that her grandchildren lovingly call her Grandma River.

While I read the book for the first time with much pleasure, it struck me that, as Myriah describes it, the way of communication with each creature, either animal fish or bird, is different.  There are not only varying energy fields involved, but also the intention, intensity, clarity and power; it is always different.

It is touching to become led by the writer into a moving conversation with a badly injured little blue bird, of which it is not obvious at first sight if she wishes to live or is ready to return to her own source.  You learn that such occurrences in the animal kingdom are experienced differently than what is common among us humans.

Another example is about a spider that had settled in Myriah's house.  When you know that the writer, mildly spoken, hates an encounter with such a insect, it is very special to take notice that she - who shall never harm any animal at all - was able to contact the small bug and kindly ask him to please stay away from her, or else!  That worked for about a month until one morning while awaking she saw the spider crawling upon her bed in the direction of her head. What happened then I will not give away but in the end the spider apologized and ran away, never to be seen again.

A final example is an encounter with a bear in her backyard.  On a nice day the author was in her hammock swing chair, enjoying a sense of bliss.  On a certain moment she felt the wet snout of an animal pushing gently against her arm.  Say a dog with its snout seeking comfort.  While still with her eyes closed she decided it could not be a dog because the hammock chair was too high for the height of a dog.  Moreover she had no dog. Also it couldn't have been the cat.  Indeed it was a bear that wanted to show her affection to the writer.  As she mentions it:  "I turn  my head to the right and suddenly see all at once chocolate brown and big black wet nose.  Level with me.  A BEAR!  A yearling bear has nudged me, and is still standing beside the swing!"

This is a small but magnificent book which is able to cross the bridge between man and animal and at the same time also teaches you about the way different creatures live their lives and think in their own way abut the different occurrences in life.  I highly recommend you read this book.  It will enrich you, for sure and for certain, a Myriah would say.

Margaret Bullock

​​This is a wonderful and inspiring read.  You will see animals in a whole new light both great and small.  The possibilities for greater understanding between  life forms is awesome.  It's the future!  Thank you Myriah for sharing your amazing stories.


Talks with Animals

and Nature

Bridging the communication gap with all life 

Peggy Tibbitts  -Advice from a Caterpillar 

At the outset Myriah Walker confesses to her readers about a time in her life when she suffered unbearable loss and grief.  Even though she goes on to explain about her ability  to communicate with animals goes back to her childhood days, it is clear that her gift was the foundation from which she overcame great pain and loss.  Along with relating her childhood experiences, Walker also shares her intimate encounters and communications with all things natural, including cats, dogs, wolves, bears, birds, spiders, even ants, and the plant world.  Walker's gift is not unique.  What is unique is how she has practiced and developed her gift.  Readers who want to tap into that natural energy will learn from her experiences in this book.  Those who have already talked with animals and nature will find certain validation in the stories she shares.  Above all, Talks with Animals and Nature​ reveals the power of animals and nature to heal us - no matter what our pain - 

​if we allow them.  


​Dear Myriah, I loved your book.  I enjoyed all your stories but perhaps my favorites were the bear who nudged you and the bee 

​who helped release his friend bee's spirit - the description of the bee's beautiful spirit filled me with awe - it was such a tender story.  Thank you for the whole book.

Jules Gallagher

​OMG I love your book & thank you for sharing the Oneness you have.  It is something I seek & I totally understand the communication you are talking about even though I am still learning to listen.  I have much gratitude for you taking the time to write this book.


​Such a wonderful book that truly tells of communication with nature and all of its species, is through one's heart.  Myriah and I have known one another for years and been camping  buddies when times allowed (we live in neighboring states).  Our bond of friendship first began with our common ability to talk with animals and how we each lived and experienced our spirituality. I can tell you from experience that each story Myriah tells of an experience with an animal, is real.  Myriah is able to put into beautiful words, things of a telepathic nature.   She is also able to impart how one can begin to do this yourself with nature, whether in your backyard or in the wilderness.